via Daily Prompt: Descend

You can descend into madness like the Mad Hatter in Alice in Wonderland, or you can descend into your scary unfinished basement… it’s all cut and dried really.

Sam out.


I just had some yummy crackers for snack!

They were like garlic bacon dippers or something. And they were delicious. I still have this cold which will not go away. That means no bowling for moi bc Kevin doesn’t want any sick person on his bus to infect others… which I agree with him.

On Tuesday I went Hurricane Sammi and really set my room on it’s head. Clean as a whistle and you could probably eat off the floor too if that floats your boat but I don’t recommend it bc Denise our cleaning lady washes the floor with chemicals that you or I don’t need in our bodies. Trust me on this.

In a few, I have to get ready for Le to take me to the diabetes clinic. I know for a fact that Angelique will like my scores bc they are more or less within normal range.

Please pray for my Gran, she has kidney failure. 😦

Sam out